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Intro Sessions

ki_masu_bEdinburgh Jitsu runs a series of introductory sessions three or four times a year. We are also trialling the running of a dedicated beginner ‘taster’ session once a month.  If you want to try out training you should come to one these sessions. Once you’ve attended an introductory session you can come to as few or as many sessions as you like.

Introductory sessions are really good fun and very popular, you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to try.

Next Beginners Sessions:

All sessions are held at St Stephen’s Community Hall, EH3 5AB

The next set of beginners sessions will run as follows:

Sunday 5th January 3-5pm

Wednesday 8th January 7-9pm

Friday 10th January 7-9pm

Sunday 12th January 3-5pm

Wed 15th Jan 7-9pm

Fri 17th Jan 7-9pm

Open intro sessions are scheduled roughly every 4 months, however you can come along any time! Just let us know via facebook or via the contact form.

What does it cost?

Per session – Your first two sessions are free then £5/session for novices.
Personal insurance –  free for first two sessions, then £30 for 6 months.

Saver cards and bulk discounts are available, contact us for more information.


St Stephens Stockbridge

untitled-179x300It’s best to turn up a few minutes early for your first session to give you time to fill in a health questionnaire.
Alternatively you can download the form here and fill it in before you come.

There is no need to book an introductory session, please feel free to just turn up. You should wear whatever you’d normally wear to the gym, anything loose and comfortable. We don’t wear shoes, socks, or any jewellery on the mat.

If you have just missed a beginner period it may be worth emailing the club to see whether they have any spaces yet. Although rare, we do sometimes accept students outwith beginner sessions.

Edinburgh Jitsu also offers classes for young people aged 11-18 years. For more information on Edinburgh Jitsu Youth, please look here.

Please print out and complete our Health form and Registration form, bring them along with you to your first session. To download both forms please click here

For more information about the classes please click here

Other Costs

Edinburgh Jitsu keeps costs to an absolute minimum. We want everyone to be able to train.

Session Fee
Free for 2 Introductory Sessions.
£5 for Novice (Up to first grading)
£7 for Kyu

Saver Card cost                    £60 for all
Standing Order                    £45 for all

Insurance 6 months
£30 for novice
£50 for grades

Insurance 12 months
£75 for all

Two sessions free then 6 months membership required.
LWIC – £3 per session, and £20 membership  – reviewed every 3 months
Abuse of LWIC is grounds for dismissal of membership.

*Low Wage Income Cost

Once you join we have a wide range of discount schemes which can save you up to 35% on the price of a session.

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